Our Church

Located on the northeast side of the Austin, Texas metro area in Pflugerville. At Victory City Church we invite anybody to come and experience Jesus!

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Our vision and mission

We exist to help every person take a step closer to Jesus

Whether your a first-time believer, or a long-standing Christian we want to help you take your next step. 

About our core behaviors

These six strategies are what we aim to emulate at Victory City. 

1. We take it personal

We are invested in the mission of Victory City Church

2. We take Initiative

We are always actively moving towards people and opportunities.

3. We set the energy

We understand that setting the expectation and environment begins with us.

4. We make our own juice

We maximize what God has given us by doing all we can with all that we have.

5. We develop others

We always have a person we’re helping take a step.

6. We put Jesus at the center

All that we do starts with Jesus. He is the cornerstone, not in the corner.

Who we are

These “we are” statements are the guiding principles of who we are as a church body. Victory City uses these principles to connect others with Jesus. We believe that what we’re a part of is bigger than the part we play.

We are Jesus people

We are spirit people

We are pioneering people

We are generous people

We are honoring people

We are excellence people

We are sacrificial people

We are passionate people

We are laugh out loud people

We are in your corner people

Our Pastors

Pastors Eric and Natalie have a passion for every person to find Jesus. They believe that every person has a place and a purpose here.

Our lead pastors have a heart to create a church that looks like heaven, full of all ages, and all backgrounds.

They know that the local church is the hope of the world.